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Wednesday, November 7, 2018
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Goodguys Southeastern Nationals Car Show - Featured Car:
Ron McLeod's 1967 Chevelle Malibu - Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour Video

Goodguys Southeastern Nationals

Just one example of the many, many cars at the Goodguys Southeastern Nationals

Story and pictures:
by our friends at

It was that time of year again at the Charlotte Motor Speedway! Goodguys Rod and Custom Association's 25th Southeastern Nationals was held for two days at the Speedway, where there were plenty of rods, customs, classics, muscle cars, and trucks onsite, and action galore, as racers take to the track for the very popular Goodguys autocross. You can also do some shopping while you're here. Looking for a special part, or perhaps your very own dream car? Be sure to stop by the Swap Meet and Car Corral, and you may very well find just what you've been looking for . . . .

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A Big Block 1967 Chevelle Malibu

1967 Chevy Malibu

Ron McLeod's Super Ride

by Society Staff

When you're the owner of a well know auto repair and hot rod shop, your personal ride says a lot about you. Ron McLeod owns ASAP Automotive in Fremont CA. His shop has been in business since 1994 and does general auto repair and custom hot rod work.  His daily driver is a striking 1967 Chevelle Malibu that has been in his family since 1976. Ron bought the car in July of 1976 for $750 from his neighbor, who had purchased it new. Ron was 15 years old and he's worked on it ever since.

The body of this Malibu is laser straight and covered in a gorgeous Viper Red paint with subtle "ghost flames" on the SS style hood.  The rest of the body sports stock Malibu trim save for aftermarket "SS" badge in the rear trunk valance. Even the fender badges are stock "327" insignias. One nice touch is a chrome cowl panel. This accents the immaculate engine bay when the hood is up.

In that engine bay is a highly detailed Chevy 402 big block that has a wicked cam, aluminum high rise intake with a 750 Holley "double pumper". Fired off by an HEI distributor, this motor was capable of pushing the Chevelle to 11.90's when raced. A March aluminum bracket and pulley system holds the chrome alternator and Vintage Air compressor. A Be Cool aluminum radiator keeps that big block in the good temp zone even on hot California days.  A set of coated headers and stainless exhaust route spent gasses through Magnaflow mufflers that (barely) keep the sound in check. This beast roars . . .

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Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour Video Series

Goodguys is all about cool cars, cool people and good times!

by Betsy Bennett. Communications Director, Goodguys Rod & Custom Association

Goodguys is all about cool cars, cool people and good times! One of the most epic parts of our year each is the Goodguys Hall of Fame Tour. This year, we are bringing the Hall of Fame Tour to viewers worldwide! There is nothing better than a road trip with some amazing hot rods.

A special five-part Goodguys 2018 Hall of Fame Road Tour video series just launched this morning, recapping our amazing 8-day journey throughout the Western United States. Starting today, a new Road Tour episode will premier each Tuesday through December 3rd.

The tour was the most spectacular Goodguys had ever staged, taking Hot Rods, Customs, Trucks and Pro-Touring Machines through ten US states and 2,700 scenic miles. From Yellowstone to Mt Rushmore to Subtropolis and finally Texas Motor Speedway, the tour was the most fun you could possibly have behind the wheel of your hot rod!

We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it!

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ARMO News - Kaase Releases New BB Ford Heads for 385 Series Blocks

Winder, Georgia: According to engine builder Jon Kaase, his company's new SR-71 cylinder head will out-flow and out-power any conventional big-block Ford head. Extensive dynamometer tests have demonstrated average gains of 50hp and similar peak gains over best existing cylinder heads. In addition, the useable engine speed range is increased by a minimum of 500rpm. Kaase assures that the SR-71 heads will fit conventional engine bays, and when installed on a maximum-effort 598cid engine, will produce over 1100hp and rev to 8,000rpm.

Despite placing the intake port entries half-inch higher than customary, all Super Cobra Jet intake manifolds fit these new heads. Clearly, higher intake ports are desirable, providing straighter, faster paths for the air-fuel mixture to reach the valves. Raising them while preserving compatibility with conventional intake manifolds is achieved by extending the port entry face toward the valley area-the head is wider. On the exhaust side, dimensions are conventional Super Cobra Jet / Kaase P-51.

The SR-71's intake and exhaust bowls are deeper than stock, 0.450in and 0.250in respectively. In addition, the intake and exhaust short-turn cross-sections-known as windows-are considerably larger than stock. Kaase refers to the porting system "Ported as Cast", which means the ports are shaped and sized to their best known contours. "We've done our utmost to reduce the bother of further porting," he explains, "and deeper bowls combined with easier flow around gentle short turns have improved high-rpm performance."

Kaase Heads for BB Ford
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