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Eric White Memorial Library - East Wing

East Wing
This Wing contains the Magazine Collection, Anthologies, Biographies, Race History & More
Magazine Archive View the Magazine Archive. The Magazine Archive holds high-quality, page-by-page stories from automotive magazines spanning from the 40's to the present. Each article is an individual PDF file that you can download.
Ad Collection Anthologies. Want to learn the history of an automotive brand? Learn about vanished brands, great inventions and other factoids. Each article is stored as a PDF file that you can view /or downloadt.
See Our Biographies Biographies and stories of famous people. Stories on & about personalities that affected the history of automobile. Corporate greats, race promoters, racers, inventors, engineers, stylists all from "back in the day".
See Race History Race History. Read racing articles from magazines & publications of the time. We make available articles that are "back in the day"coverage of races and events..
55 DeSoto Front The Society's Own Published Materials. The Society actively publishes materials from internal and external contributors touting our collections.
No Limits e-Magazine No Limits Magazine. We keep all copies of No Limits Magazine so that you can always view them. Click HERE to see these back issues.
Check out our featured artists and Authors Auto Artists and Authors. Our hobby has encouraged people to draw or photograph cars and and his inspired others to write stories about a specific automotive subject..