The Eric White Digital Documents Library
Eric White

The primary mission of the Automotive History Preservation Society is to ensure the collection and preservation of automotive historical documentation in digital format.

The Library is where much of this material is located. It is all available to the automotive researcher, writer, educator, student, and enthusiast - FREE!

The Library is named after Eric White, former Society President and one of the founders of the Society his untimely passing was a tragedy that will always be remembered by our staff. His picture appears at left. We honor him, his contributions and dedication to our cause. More information on Eric can be found HERE.

Please note that the materials are cateloged into three categories and are located in a "Wing" or "Hall". Merely
click on any of the pictures to get the flavor of what we have. All pages have a "search" button just under the
navigation should want to "drill down".
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The Library Collections are located in the West Wing, Central Hall and East Wing.
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You may visit each Wing by clicking on its name below, or go directly to the specific collections by clicking on the collection name.
West Wing
This Wing contains material either created by the manufacturers directly related to specific vehicles or brands or created by others about specific vehicles or brands.
Brochures Automotive Brochures. High-quality, page-by-page images of manufacturers' automotive brochures from the 1920's to the present. Each brochure is stored as a PDF file that you can view full size and/or download.
Ad Collection Print Advertisements. High-quality images of manufacturers' automotive print advertisements from the 1910's to the present. Each advertisements is stored as a PDF file that you can view full size and/or download.
Buick PR Collection Factory Press Releases, Photos and Press Kits. High-quality images of manufacturers' press release material sent to the media. Each item is stored as a PDF file that you can view full size and/or download.
Techipedia Tech Section. Here we compile material from multiple sources to make it easier to view. Examples: engine data, paint mix codes, road tests - and!. Most materials are in PDF file format for downloading.
Olds F88 Intro Our Photo Archive. A "picture" of automotive history seen through the eyes of professional and amateur photographers. It includes images of cars, buildings/structures.
Factory Publish Materials Factory Published Materials. Published by the manufacturers to assist in the modification, repair, & enhancement of vehicles. Bulletins, Marketing Materials, Parts Catalogs, etc. Each is a PDF file that you can view or download.
Assembly and Service Manuals Factory Service & Assembly Manuals. Manuals published by the manufacturers to for the assembly and repair of vehicles.Due to certain restrictions, you must be a Society Member to access this Section. Questions? Contact
Central Hall
The Central Hall contains Automotive News, Latest Uploads listings, Featured Cars and Trucks, Car Show & Event Coverage and non-Society bloggers.
See Hot News Latest News. What's going on in the industry, the car show scene, significant materials acquired by museums and auto libraries and anything that might be significant to the preservation of automotive history.
See Car Shows & Events Shows & Events. Our reporters cover as meny event as possible each year. We also post show coverage provided by event out reach publicists.
Check Out the Latest Uploads Latest Uploads. Want to see what we've uploaded to the website on a week-by-week basis? The lisitngs contain technical materials, biographies, print ads, brochures, press releases & magazines.
Check out our featured cars! Featured Cars and Trucks. See Living History - other people's cars. Catch what car enthusiasts are driving. We cover the car, the owner, and how it came to be in their possession.
Blasts from the past Car Stories & Car History. True stories about cars, drivers, activites & events. All by those who were "there". We've also gone "back in the day" and published our own material to add to the mix.
Check out our special stories! Special Stories and Features. Society writers create features, short stories, blogs, editorials, reactions to industry trends. This is where you get to enjoy the ride!
Check out our featured bloggers Society Sponsored Bloggers. Catch what writers and bloggers are saying about historical automotive activities, or recalling past events. We let them say their piece as long as it's not political, inflamatory or derogatory.
East Wing
This Wing contains the Magazine Collection from 1946-1999,
Anthologies, Biographies, Race History, Bios of Noted Automotive Artists & Authors, and More.
Magazine Archive View the Magazine Archive. The Magazine Archive holds high-quality, page-by-page stories from automotive magazines spanning from the 40's to the present. Each article is an individual PDF file that you can download.
Ad Collection Anthologies. Want to learn the history of an automotive brand? Learn about vanished brands, great inventions and other factoids. Each article is stored as a PDF file that you can view /or downloadt.
See Our Biographies Biographies and stories of famous people. Stories on & about personalities that affected the history of automobile. Corporate greats, race promoters, racers, inventors, engineers, stylists all from "back in the day".
See Race History Race History. Read racing articles from magazines & publications of the time. We make available articles that are "back in the day"coverage of races and events..
55 DeSoto Front The Society's Own Published Materials. The Society actively publishes materials from internal and external contributors touting our collections.
No Limits e-Magazine No Limits Magazine. We keep all copies of No Limits Magazine so that you can always view them. Click HERE to see these back issues.
Check out our featured artists and Authors Auto Artists and Authors. Our hobby has encouraged people to draw or photograph cars and and his inspired others to write stories about a specific automotive subject..