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The Devin C could reach 60 mph in 4 seconds had a top speed of 130 mph.

George Holt became interested in Devin cars after seeing one at an historic vehicle racing event in England. His search brought him to Arizona and California, where he found what he wanted and brought it back to racing form.
1960s Devin C - George Holt puts some American history back on the road

By Society Staff – reprint with permission only

This Devin C type (“C” for Corvair-powered) was built in the early 1960s for a man named Homer Christian Amos of Palm Springs, California, who had a desire to go racing and commissioned Bill Devin to build one of these for him.  This car was originally completed with a turbocharged 180 hp Corvair engine and a 4-speed, and, while it was very quick with a zero to 60 time of under 4 seconds with a top speed in the region of 130 mph, it was apparently a handfull, being rear-engined and so light in front with a total weight of just over 1200 lbs.  So Mr. Amos was happy to pay Bill to have it converted to a Corvair 140 hp 4-carb setup paired with a 2-speed Powerglide.  With this change, he continued to win.

The current owner, George Holt of Ontario, Canada, bought the car from homer Amos’s son Ron as Homer himself had passed away.  George became interested in Devin cars after having seen, a few years earlier, a friend racing a Devin SS at Goodwood Revival, a racing event for historic vehicles held in England every year.  He decided he wanted one and began to look around. 

Searching online didn’t turn up anything, but, as luck would have it, while on vacation in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, he became aware of a Devin C for sale in California.  A small change in vacation itinerary brought George 300 miles further west.  He met with Ron Amos, who was incredibly informative as he had worked on the car at the at Bill Devin’s factory and had served as the pit crew for his father all those years ago.  It turned out that this car had been the one featured in the Devin brochure.

George has been a Healey and Jaguar rally and race driver for much of the last 30 years, and his desire now was to prepare the car and get it accepted once again for the racing in California, specifically Monterey.  The car was repainted, and the original 140 hp motor, which needed rebuilding, was removed and replaced with a 140 hp race prep unit.  Also, the car was converted back to a 4-speed. 

All of this work was done in Lake Havasu City at Tuttles Motorsports, a Volkswagen restoration and parts workshop, where they were only too happy to help George get his Devin back in racing form.  George sees the car as a credit to Bill Devin, and plans down the road include getting the car back to a 4-carb setup.  As George puts it, “another piece of US history is back!”

The Devin C was offered from 1959 to 1963.  It was available as both a kit and as a completed car, with the kit costing $2,750 without engine or drivetrain, and it featured an 82-inch wheelbase. More information on Devin cars can be found


The power plant is a 140 hp Corvair engine mated to a 4-speed transmission.

In preparation for new paint.

George's car is the one actually featured on the cover of the Devin Brochure shown here.

Not George's car, but a typical Devin C.