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The Automotive History Preservation Society's Magazine Archive

The Automotive History Preservation Society is proud to announce a groundbreaking project in the world of digital automotive historical records-keeping - the Digital Automotive Magazine Collection.

The collection's archive contains hundreds of magazines and over 2500 extracts (containing thousands of individual articles) - all have been restored to their original size and condition and are downloadable in PDF format. Currently, we are extracting most articles in the individual publications, but our ultimate desire is to digitize the entire magazine. In order to accomplish this goal, a larger and more complex program and process is necessary. To understand what that may mean - please read below.

The Magazine Project - a Long View

The premise of the Magazine Project is that automotive magazines are a keystone in the history of the automobile - and that they are an essential research tool to the hobbyist, researcher and historian, regardless of being secondary source material. Because they weere written during the specific period they cover, the may be one of the only sources of information.

As part of the effort to preserve this resource is that of the Society's project to digitalize the magazines to allow preservation and global electronic access. As such we have embarked on a global effort to merge the process of digitalization and that of education by creating partnerships with educational institutions ("centers of learning") and stakeholders (such as Wild About Cars). For more information on the project, click HERE.

  • You may volunteer to assist us either by: donating needed magazines; time; equipment; or money.
  • Click HERE to e-mail us and let us know what you can do to help.
Magazine Listings - By Publication

Car & Driver Magazine (47)

Car Craft Magazine (3)

Car Life Magazine (89)

Cars - Hi Po Cars Magazine (47)

Drag Strip Magazine (0)

General Performance Magazines (2)

Guide to Muscle Cars Magazine (0)

Hot Rod Magazine (23)

Mechanix Illustrated Magazine (2)

Motor Life Magazine (13)

Motor Trend Magazine (24)

Motorcade Magazine (0)

Muscle Car Review Magazine (0)

Popular Hot Rodding Magazine (0)

Popular Science Magazine (12)

Road Test (US) Magazine (11)

Road and Track Magazine (1)

Rod & Custom Magazine (0)

Rodder and Super Stock Magazine (1)

Special Interest Autos Magazine (0)

Speed and Custom Magazine (1)

Speed and Supercar Magazine (2)

Sports Car Graphic Magazine (0)

Sports Cars Illustrated Magazine (11)

Street Rodder Magazine (0)

Street and Strip Magazine (1)

Super Stock Magazine (23)

Super Stock and FX Magazine (0)