2018-12 - December Report:
Nash is Finished and Working on Dodge

Dodge started performance excitement in 1953 with the Addition of the famous "Red Ram Hemi performance V-8. Styling would wait for 1955 to join the rest of the market.

Nash -

We finished Nash Ads from 1933 through 1954 in November. This ends the Nash era and thereafter the brand becomes American Motors. We have AMC ads processed and loaded from 1954 through 1972, with a hole in 1958 that we will rectify this month.

Dodge -

Like Nash/ AMC, we are filling in the holes in the Dodge print ads collection. Our collection in the 30s for Dodge is spotty and we will begin to fill that in. Our focus right now is to close the gap between 1948 - 1952, which for some reason was never handled. Expect us to close this gap first, then move back to the Pre-War Era.

1971-72 All Brands Materials -

We have started to upload print ads for all brands from 1971-72 and magazines from the same period. No longer are the 70s considered modern, so we're moving into that era big time. Expect to see many early 70s uploads in the coming months.

1950s Road Tests -

We will begin to extract 1950s Road Tests from our early magazine collections. Unfortunately, we do not have the people power to scan, clean, and load the entire magazine - though we will do a rough scan of the magazine pages and store them for a later date. (volunteers, anyone?) These road tests are rare indeed and will surely be a good add to our Tech Section.

Progress Reports -

To keep up to date on our progress, please check our 2018 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

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