2019-04 April Report:
Adding 1950s-60s Race Cars to Our Tech Section

This 1958-59 Formula One Lotus is one of the many Tests and Exposes we will be adding to in in April

Please Note

The Society is no longer accepting magazine donations for the years 1962 to Present! We have had sufficient donations of these years so as to have duplicates in 90% of this period.

We are actively seeking donations of pre-1961 magazines from all publishers. If you have magazines from this period, we will be pleased to accept them. Contact Kurt.shubert@ahpsoc.org if you wish to donate magazines in this time period.

We are actively seeking Sports Cars Illustrated Magazine from July 1955 through December of 1957 and scattered issues through March 1961. Please contact Librarian@ahpsoc.org if you have any to donate.  We will return them unscathed.


Collections Activity

Brochures Section - Adding Many New Brands - Especially Non-US - and Updating Existing Brands.

We are continuing a big impact project - adding as many digital brochures as we can in the next 30 days - by brand and year to our Brochures Section. This month's focus is foreign brands - and up to 2019! Be sure to check our Latest Uploads Section for our weekly additions.

1950s-1960s Race Cars Exposed -

We are continuing to extract 1950s and early 1960s Road Tests - but focusing on Race Cars from our pre-1961 magazine collections. Though we do not have the people power to scan, clean, and load the entire magazine - we will do a rough scan of all the magazine pages and store them for a later date. (volunteers, anyone?) These road tests are rare indeed and are an excellent addition to our Tech Section.

J. Walter Thompson Ad Agency Ford Motor Company Advertisements -

We continue to add to our original advertisement copy prepared by J Walter Thompson for print advertisement submissions this month. Though certainly not all of the copy prepared by the agency, it is a sufficient amount to warrant a separate section for each year that we have materials.

Progress Reports -

To see our 2018 activities, please check our 2018 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

To keep up to date on our progress, please check our 2019 Latest Uploads pages for our exact results.

For all of our 2019 Monthly Project Reports click HERE.


The Society's Collections Team


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