Back in the Day Tech - 1964 AMC "Typhoon" Straight Six

The 1964 AMC six replaced a 24-year old design, but who knew it would be in production for almost TWICE the life of that original six!



Car Life Magazine took a quick look at AMC's newly designed "Typhoon" Sic. OK, you say, an AMC six cylinder engine introduced amid the Big three's myriad of engine announcements - so what? Well folks this engine stayed in production for 42 Years & 2 Corporations - by 2001 over 5 MILLION had been produced!

This is a testament to great engineering design and good planning. So check out this little gem and see why it lived such a long life in AMC and Jeeps for so many years.


  • The cylinder bore is 3.75 in. and all cylinder bores are evenly spaced on 4.38-in. centers. All cylinders are completely surrounded by water, though not quite for their full length. This allowed the engine to grow from 232 cu. in. all the way to 282 cubes.
  • Many of the components exchanged with the soon to arrive AMC V8 allowing reduced production costs.
  • The block was one of the first "thin-wall" cast blocks reducing weight (415 lbs - 100 lbs less than the old 6) and allowing for better machining tolerances.
  • The crankshaft was fully counter-weighted allowing for  very smooth operation.


Car Life Magazine was impressed with the design and the versatility, and suspected that the 145 HP rating on the engine (the largest six in production in the US at the time) was likely conservative.



  Here's the 5 millionth AMC six!
It's autographed by the
line workers!