1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird - It's been in Ron Charity's family since new

The car is definitely a head-turner, especially with that "Vitamin C" orange paint.



The story of Ron Charity’s 1970 Plymouth began in August 1969 when the 440 four-speed Superbird R/T left Hamtramck, Michigan destined for a Plymouth/Dodge dealership in east Toronto called Sorensons.  Ron and his father were driving a ‘67 Chevelle 327 two-speed down Sheppard avenue and stopped first at Chevrolet dealership called Hodgsons, where an orange 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge sat in the front lot. 

After a test drive of the Judge, they drove further down Sheppard where an orange car with a wing and a nose caught Ron’s eye, and he suggested they stop and have a look. His father’s initial comment was that it was just something the dealer made up to attract customers.  But at Ron’s insistence, they drove in, spoke to the dealer about the car, and took it out for a test drive. It turned out that the dealer had driven the car at parades and other events and would be sad to see it go.

Once Ron’s father drove the car and heard the story behind it, he was hooked.  The purchase price was $4,200 Canadian, which, back then, amounted to half his dad’s yearly income and was a typical deposit on a house.  Ron’s mother was not happy to say the least.  Even though he was only six years old at the time, he still has vivid memories of the day, September 22, 1970, he and his father picked up the car at the dealer.  They drove it to where his mother worked, which was just down the street from the dealership, and took her home

In the two years following, the car was driven regularly, and 30,000 miles were put on it before it went into storage.  It was mostly driven either on the highway to visit relatives or through traffic to Ron’s father’s job.  Ron remembers passing cars at 130 mph, a thought which scares him a bit now given the tire technology and how cars at that time generally handled . . . . (Continued on the website)


  The engine is mostly original, too. Most of Ron's efforts with the car have been in suspension and brake improvements.

  The interior is largely original.